Why we need a more diverse, inclusive approach to STEM subjects in our education system.

Currently limiting the pool from which future scientists are drawn, the full range of talent is reduced, and progress is slowed. We need to raise student expectations and confidence to participate in this area.

Based on her own personal experience as a a black female from a working class background Chi Onwurah MP. Chair, APPG on Diversity and Inclusion in

STEM firmly states:
‘we must put forward our findings and recommendations to ensure the UK has a STEM education system that works for all young people of all backgrounds who will be able to tackle future global challenges, such as climate change – whether they are working in science or not. ‘
The APPG on Diversity and Inclusion in STEM’s shows that whatever the socio-economic background, from the age of three onwards, children are currently suffering from the levels of inequity in STEM education.

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